We Bring Your Great Ideas to Life
SinnovaTek offers a combination of services for product development, process design, engineering, project management, and commercialization assistance. We’re a leader in emerging aseptic technologies and a one-stop shop for innovative companies looking to get their products to market.
Our Goal is Simple
Help you produce food and beverage products with the highest level of quality, health benefits, efficiency, stability and safety.
Focus on Health and Wellness
Our services are tailored to your business needs – from proof of concept services to implementation of specialized equipment to support production of high quality shelf stable or refrigerated foods and bioactive extracts. We work side-by-side with small and large companies to develop, test and deploy the latest leading food processing technologies.

R&D Services

SinnovaTek offers a wide variety of R&D services through its uniquely talented staff. Our knowledge and experience in the marketplace, supported by the tools, sound science and data, can help you develop and produce a new concept or design and implement the leading processing technologies.

The majority of our R&D Services are performed at SinnovaTek’s highly advanced test center. Capable of testing and formulation development at bench top and pilot scales, the facility is equipped with a variety of advanced processing technologies that can help our customers find the ideal processing solution for each product.

In addition, we offer regulatory compliance services and can help you qualify label compliance, certifications and claims.


Product Development

  • New product ideation
  • Development of product formulations
  • Feasibility analysis of new products
  • Ongoing product development or optimization
  • Benchtop sample creation


Analytical Evaluation Coordination

  • Nutrient retention
  • Shelf life
  • Sensory


Pilot Testing

  • Perform pilot trials
  • Create market samples


Regulatory Compliance

  • Qualification of label compliance and label claims
  • Qualification of certifications (Kosher, Organic, Non-GMO, etc.)

Engineering Services

Our engineers have years of design, implementation and testing experience for a wide variety of large scale processing equipment and manufacturing lines. Whether it’s identifying and qualifying new equipment, suppliers, co-packers, designing new systems or integrating new equipment into existing environments, our engineers help you scale your ideas to reach higher levels of efficiency, safety and product quality.

We specialize in implementation of advanced thermal and continuous pasteurization and sterilization systems generating shelf stable products, requiring no freezing or refrigeration during transport, storage and distribution.



  • Development of PFD’s and preliminary P&ID’s
  • Preliminary equipment layout drawings
  • Energy and mass balance mapping and analysis



  • Filler Identification and qualification
  • Co-packer Identification and qualification
  • Process optimization

Validation Services




Improves validation procedures and time-to-market by using surrogate particles that deliver a data-rich view of what is going on inside the processing system.

AseptiSense™ aids in the validation of complex, liquid products with chunky components. BioPod™ surrogate particles track the performance of your validation from the inside. Using surface-mounted sensors that are dispersed along the processing line, AseptiSense™ delivers real-time, accurate, actionable data that helps get products to market more quickly while maintaining the highest levels of food safety.