SinnovaTek offers a range of pumping solutions as stand-alone equipment or as part of a turn-key system.

Pump QTS Twin Screw QDU Drum Unloader SIS Sanitary Internal Seal QIM+ Inline Mixer QDB+ Dry Blender QVM High Viscosity Mixer
Type Twin Screw Twin Screw Centrifugal Inline Mixer QIM+ hopper QDB+ QTS
Advantages Good for difficult-to-pump products Speed, efficiency, high yield True sanitary seal, reduced cavitation Versatility, cleanability Versatility, efficiency Versatility, flexibility, speed
Hygiene 3-A, EHEDG, FDA Compliant 3-A, FDA Compliant 3-A, FDA Compliant 3-A, FDA Compliant 3-A, FDA Compliant 3-A, FDA Compliant
Use High Viscosity, Sensitive Particulate Products Rapid drum unloading Beverages, Low Viscosity Products (<600 cP), CIP Inline Mixing, Blending, Emulsifying Powder Incorporation Powder incorporation, high viscosity mixing
Example Applications Yogurt, Jams, Sauces, Honey Tomato Paste, Purees Water, Beer, Milk Sauces, Mayonnaise Protein beverages Yogurt, Purees, Pudding

QTS Series Twin Screw Pumps

QTS Extd

This pump consists of two inter-meshing screws moving in opposite directions, whose axial movement causes a displacement of the product. Twin screw pumps feature a continuous non-pulsating flow, directly proportional to the number of revolutions and they are well suited for the handling of suspended solids without damage such as dairy products, cosmetic, pharmaceutical F&B industry, fruits, vegetables, honey, dough, minced meat, pet food, caramel, marmalade, etc.

SIS+ Sanitary Internal Seal Pump


The SIS+ pump features a reduction of damage generated by water, which extends the life of the seal and avoids the usual drips generated by wear.

It represents a great savings since the SIS+ Series is hydraulically and dimensionally interchangeable with QC / C series pumps and can be converted into a SIS+.

The internal seal is submerged inside the product to promote cooling, which reduces cavitation and provides a constant flow.

The pressure of the pump generates greater closing force on the faces of the seals, minimizing the agglomeration of the product.

QIM+ Inline Mixer

  • New equipment for mixing and disintegrating solids.Easy maintenance, and high efficiency
  • Different options for better performance
  • Competitive price
  • Some of its applications are: milk hydration, syrups, beverages, pulps, dissolution, and dressings.

QDB+ Dry Blender

  • The QDB+ Dry Blender is ideal for simplifying mixing processes.
  • Thanks to its modular design, QIM+ Inline Mixers can be converted into a Dry Blender by adding a table and a cone.
  • The QDB+ Dry Blender comes with an integrated valve for the operator’s ergonomics.