Nathalie Plundrich

Food Technologist

Nathalie joined the team in January 2018 and acts as the technical lead in the research and development and commercialization of novel extraction and food ingredient technologies at SinnovaTek and at its subsidiary, SinnoVita. Besides that, she established and runs SinnovaTek’s chemical lab for in-house analytical and quality tests. Currently she is furthering the commercialization efforts of SinnoVita’s VITERO™ protein-polyphenol functional ingredient technology that she was integral in developing during her graduate career at North Carolina State University. Nathalie’s focus is to further the research of this technology and to work on its food applications and technical sales.

Nathalie has a PhD and MS in Food Science from North Carolina State University, a BS in Bio- and Process Technology with a major in Biotechnology from Hochschule Furtwangen University in Germany, and an associate degree as a biological technical assistant (major Biology/Biotechnology) from the Jörg-Zürn Gewerbeschule in Überlingen, Germany.

To date, she has published 5 first author publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, has co-authored 6 publications and has presented her work at various scientific meetings and to the general public (through interviews seen on local and national television).

In her free time she enjoys traveling, sports, and good food.